Submit an Event

IAA members can list their events for free on the website.

Non members may also list events, for a charge of £8 per event
plus any upgrade charges as applicable.

Submit an event
Please ensure that, as a minimum, the following details are included:

Time, Date and Venue (full address including postcode).
It is also good practice to include Ticket information and some details about the event/performance.

NOTE: Events cannot be listed without the Start Time and Date information being supplied.
Events may be listed without venue details, (this may not always be known, especially when planning in advance), however please ensure that this information is updated as soon as possible.

Your event will appear in the listings under ALL EVENTS as well as appropriate sub categories. Clicking on an event listed on the ALL EVENTS page will open a fully detailed page for that event. Here it is possible to add extra details about the event, such as, performer biographies, details about the piece being performed, photographs and other images etc.

Listed events may be updated at any time, please send amendments, new or additional information to

Sending submissions
Details of events, including any additional details such as bios or guest performers
along with photographs and/or posters etc. (jpeg, png or pdf format)
should be sent to:

“IAA Window” at the Corn Exchange

Members of the IAA may also advertise their event by displaying a poster in the “IAA Window” at the Ipswich Corn Exchange, the window is located in King St.
Posters may be sent either as a digital image/file, (Ipswich Borough Council will kindly print the poster for you) or sent in pre printed physical format.
The grid below gives details of the submission process, the top section is for the IAA Window and the grey section underneath for member groups performing at the Corn Exchange. the process is similar in both cases. Click on the grid to open a pdf version with active links.