IAA Executive Committee.
The Ipswich Arts Association is managed by an Executive Committee made up of members
elected and co-opted to represent arts activities and local organisations that support the arts.
The Executive Committee, subject representatives and officers are:

Elected Officers: 
Prof. Christopher Green – Chair
Wendy Missons – Treasurer
Mary Odam – Secretary/Administrator

Co-opted Officer:
Jeremy Hall – Publicity Officer

Elected Members:
Ivan Gilson – Music Day
Pat Grimwade – Instrumental Music
Christine Pearce – Choral Music & Music Day
Alison Smyth – Visual Arts

Co-opted Members:
Alison Stewart
Maggie Powell – Dance
Edward Colthorpe – Drama & Musical Theatre
Carol Creasy

Ed Broom – Literature

IBC Representatives (not Trustees):
Cllr. Ian Fisher
Cllr. Tracy Grant
Cllr. Oliver Holmes

Mark Whiting.  IBC. / Regent Theatre & Corn Exchange

Suffolk County Council Representative:
Cllr. Kim Clements