Arts in Celebration



Welcome to the second Arts in Celebration event. The original was concieved at the start of the 2020 lockdown
inteneded to provide a showcase for the local arts community – an opportunity  to show others how they
were dealing with and overcoming the measures and restrictions and how they were still producing work.

The videos and images that arrived were gratefully accepted as a contribution to this community event,
the application process was and remains a totally “open” process. What all these entries proved
was that despite all the difficulties imposed, artistic endeavour and creativity shone through.

As things begin to open up and live events are once again taking place Arts in Celebration will too respond
to and reflect the changing environment and challenges for the arts. We hope you enjoy this years
selection which includes for those who missed us first time around, some highlights of the first event.

Click on the title blocks at the top of the page to navigate your way around the different sections. Enjoy!