Submit an Event


Submitting an Event


IAA members can list their events for free on the website.

Non members may also list events for a charge of £8 per event
plus any upgrade charges as applicable.

Submit an event

Please ensure that, as a minimum, the following details are included:

Time, Date and Venue (full address including postcode).

It is also good practice to include Ticket information and some details about the event/performance.

NOTE: Events cannot be listed without the Start Time and Date information being supplied.
It is possible to list events without venue details, (this may not always be known especially when planning well in advance), however please ensure that this information is updated as soon as possible.

Your event will appear in the listings under  ‘all events’ as well as appropriate sub categories. It is also  ‘clickable’ and links to it’s own page. Here it is possible to add extra details about the event, such as, performer biographies, historical details about the piece being performed, photographs etc.


Listings may be further highlighted by using the sliding displays. One located in the left hand margin,  which appears on most pages and a larger one located on the ‘Home Page’.

There is a charge for these upgrades, as follows:

Small sliding display (left hand margin) =  £8
Large sliding display (Home Page) =  £10
or both (small and large) at reduced rate of = £16

Upgrades may be requested when first submitting an event
or at any later time upon payment of the appropriate fee.
Upgrade requests should be sent to:

Once an upgrade request is received, payment details will be forwarded.
Cheques should be made payable to:  Ipswich Arts Association

Sending submissions

Details of events, including any additional details and photographs (jpeg format) should be sent to:

Newsletter:  The ‘event listings’ featured in the IAA Newsletter are taken from the website,
so provided the listing has been placed on the IAA website (in advance of the copy deadline)
it will be featured in the Newsletter.

Articles or news items for publication in the Newsletter should be sent to the editor;
Roy Preston: