Ipswich Music Day 2019

Details of this years ‘Classical Stages’ along with application
details etc. will be added as available.

 IAA will again be hosting the ‘ Classical Stages’ at IMD 2019,
we hope to have use of the following venues, (subject to confirmation):
The Wolsey Gallery in Christchurch Mansion, Soane St, IP4 2BE
Bethesda Baptist Church, 9 St Margaret’s Plain IP4 2BB
St Margaret’s Church, Soane St, Ipswich IP4 2BT
& The Masonic Hall, 8 Soane St, Ipswich IP4 2BG.


Ipswich Arts Association would like to thank MUSIC WORLD Ipswich
for kindly supplying an electronic piano for use at Ipswich Music Day.
Website: www.music-world-ipswich.co.uk/

Below, photos from the 2016 event, highlighting the range of musical styles on offer.
Please click on a photo to see full size image in gallery display.  All photos by Geoff Rogers

Wolsey Gallery:
Ipswich Suzuki Group, Ipswich Gilbert & Sullivan Society, Ipswich Hospital Community Choir,
Fille Wind Quartet, 4 Seasons Theatre Group & Ipswich Choral Society

Ipswich Suzuki Group

Ipswich Hospital Community Choir

Fille Harmonia, Wind Quartet

4Seasons Theatre Group

Ipswich Choral Society

Bethesda Baptist Church
Silbury Hill, Ipswich Co-op Ladies Choir, Columbines, Black Barn Singers &
Camerata Singers

All Performers

St Margarets Church
Musicology, Trianon Instrumentalists, Trianon Music Group Singers & Martlesham Brass


Trianon Instrumentalists

Trianon Music Group

Martlesham Brass