Isaac Newton by Charles Nightingale.

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Date(s) - 12/09/2020 - 26/09/2020
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With current events, IAA will over the coming weeks present a series featuring works by local artists, some from The Ipswich Art Society.  With a new artist shown fortnightly.

Charles Nightingale
Charles was the first of our Featured Artists, scroll down to see previous works and biography. Charles ia a member, and regular exhibitor, of Ipswich Art Society, and The Society of East Anglian Water-colourists.
Of this piece, Isaac Newton, Charles says;
I find it hard, when looking at famous pictures from XVI Century, to get past those idiotic wigs and gowns. I decided to paint Newton in the clothes that might be worn by a contemporary academic…and got a surprise when I did. He could be about to say “Well we have looked carefully at your application, but…”

Isaac Newton by Charles Nightingale. H.50cm. x W. 42cm.


Brenda M. Green FSBA
This is our third piece by Brenda M. Green. Brenda is a Fellow Member of the Society of Botanical Artists. Scroll down the page for a detailed biography along with her first Featured Artist entry Cyclamen Coum. This piece is titled Cherry Plums.
Brenda works on HP (hot press) 300gms (140 lb) Fabriano or Rising Stonehenge paper, using mainly Faber Castell Polychromos and Prismacolor pencils.

Cherry Plums by Brenda M. Green.   Unframed 39cm x 44cm. Coloured pencil. 


Charles Nightingale
Charles Nightingale was the first of our featured artists, and this submission for the series is entitled
Last Of The Few. Charles says of the piece –
“Inspired by a visit to a much vaunted exhibition of contemporary art some years ago. The gallery was thronging with ordinary members of the public whose expressions varied between boredom, disbelief and rather half-hearted reverence. Amongst the crowd of Londoners on lunchbreak a few people from the world of art could be heard using words like, stunning, controversial, subversive and innovative, but even this group looked faintly uneasy.”

Last Of The Few by Charles Nightingale.    H.16″ X W.21″


Brenda M. Green  FSBA
This is our second work by Brenda M. Green, scroll down for a biography and to see the first submitted image titled, Cyclamen Coum.
Brenda works on HP (hot press) 300gms (140 lb) Fabriano or Rising Stonehenge paper, using mainly Faber Castell Polychromos and Prismacolor pencils.

Fruit in a dish on lace cloth by Brenda M. Green  Unframed 29 x39 cm. Coloured pencil


Ania Hobson
Ania Hobson lives in Suffolk. She has exhibited at The Royal Society Of Portrait Painters Annual exhibition 2016 and 2018, Royal Society of British Artists and with the Society of Women Artists at the Mall Galleries in London, 2015. Ania exhibited lats year in Venice with the GAA Foundation which is one of the collateral events of the Venice Biennale 2019 at the European Cultural Centre.

Ania has a degree in fine art, has studied at the Princes Drawing School in London, as well as Portraiture at the Florence Academy of Art, Italy. Her work continues to be exhibited internationally as well as being bought into collections.

The portrait of Professor Chris Green was commissioned by Trianon Music Group to mark its Diamond Jubilee last year.

Professor Chris Green by Ania Hobson.   Oil on Canvas 43 x 60 cm.


Previous Featured Artists:

Charles Nightingale
Charles was the first artist in our series, scroll down for a short biography. He contributes another work here titled Boys Running. Charles says of this piece:

“This picture was done from a sketch which used hundreds of scribbled attempts at capturing the spirit of the moving images of my kids running around on the beach at Biarritz. There ain’t no photo!”

Boys Running by Charles Nightingale.   H. 30cm x W. 40cm.


Maureen Jordan FSBA
Maureen was born and grew up in East Yorkshire, studied at Kindston-upon-Hull College of Arts and Crafts and after graduating worked as a freelance Interior and Graphic Designer for many years.  Now a full time artist and a Member of the Society of Botanical Artists, her flower pictures have been reproduced by publishers on cards and prints and are sold worldwide.
Her work is shown in various mixed and shared exhibitions in London, including the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, a mixed show in Nantucket, USA and a solo show at Jensen Fine Arts, New York.
Maureen has also exhibited at the Royal Academy.

Maureen has her studio in Ipswich, where she runs Day Workshops.
Visit:   Contact:

“Now as a full time artist I am constantly experimenting with soft pastels – my favourite medium – sometimes mixing vibrant pastel with watercolour, acrylics and metallics creating stunning effects of bold colour and texture.”

POPPY DAZZLER by Maureen Jordan.    Pastel. 17cm W. x 19cm  H.


Charles Nightingale
‘Breakpoint’ is our second painting from Charles Nightingale, and the fifth in our featured artists series. Scroll down to view the first painting and a short biography.
Charles also has a website:

“This picture appeared in 2007 just before the great financial crash of 2008. It was inspired by the long disintegration of our manufacturing industry, and its replacement by trading in ‘financial products’ or subprime loans as they were called later.”  CN.

Breakpoint by Charles Nightingale.   Oil on canvas  H28″ x W21″


Ferial Rogers
Ferial’s work work is eclectic, especially miniatures (although this is not) and calligraphy.
She is a past member of Suffolk Art Society and a current member of The International Guild of Miniature Artisans – the latter also for miniature crafts.
Ferial adds, “My current obsession is with the needle/fibre crafts, which I love.”

This picture is of St Georges, Venice; which I named eponymously. The medium is acrylic on paper.

St Georges, Venice by Ferial Rogers.   Acrylic on paper


Brenda M. Green FSBA
Brenda works on HP (hot press) 300gms (140 lb) Fabriano or Rising Stonehenge paper, using mainly Faber Castell Polychromos and Prismacolor pencils.

Brenda is a Fellow Member of the Society of Botanic Artists and has been so for several years, exhibiting at their annual Exhibitions at Methodist Central Hall Westminster and lately at The Mall Gallery.
 She learned her coloured pencil techniques solely with Ann Swan, who opened a new window to Brenda’s life when Brenda enrolled in her class at Dedham Hall, as Brenda was also a potter and was a primary school teacher for twenty-four years before she met Ann.
Brenda also exhibits at various venues locally, mainly art societies, agricultural shows and fund- raising events.

Cyclamen Coum by Brenda M. Green FSBA    Dim: 49cm x 42 cm
.  Medium: Coloured pencil


Ken Cuthbert

The Back Garden in Snow. by Ken Cuthbert.  Oil on board, 60×48

“This was painted over another painting which had to be sacrificed to save time,
but the surface was thus more interesting to paint on”.


Charles Nightingale
Charles Nightingale, born 1938, Showed early artistic promise winning local children’s art contests in SE London – main subjects at the time: trolleybuses and dinosaurs. Deserted Art for science aged 12, career in engineering mathematics at BT. Served in RAF 1957-1961. Started painting again in his late fifties, member, and regular exhibitor, of Ipswich Art Society, and The Society of East Anglian Water-colourists.

Origin of picture:
Passed woman pushing badly disabled teenager in wheelchair up long hill outside Cambridge; stopped, wondering if he should assist, failed on account of fear of being seen as predatory male approaching on deserted road, thought of the lady and the life she must have been leading for many years, and utterly regretted his weakness. Painted picture over next days.

The Long Long Road – Charles Nightingale.  Oil on canvas board, H36cm x W75cm

Click image for full size view (pdf)