Arts in Celebration




At a time when the United Kingdom seems to be taking a turn for the worse, and when the arts seem to be at the bottom of
the list from the national press – it is great that we are able to have such a collection of creative people that live in our community.

Ipswich Arts Association is proud to be able to host the first Arts in Celebration! event, conceived early during thelockdown
and curated by a small group of volunteers with tremendous support from individuals and societies linked to the Association.

The videos that have been supplied have been gratefully accepted as a contribution to this community event.
It has been a totally “open” process which, we believe, reflects the creativity and resilience of our local arts community.

We hope you enjoy it. We would like your comments, and if you do feel that you can
make a donation to the Mayor of Ipswich’s nominated charities, then that would be a bonus.

Above all, if you enjoy what you see and hear, then please tell others.



Mayoral Charities

As part of the festival you will be able to make donations to the Youth Social Action projects WASSUP and
We Are Patrick. They are based at Volunteering Matters in Ipswich and are great role models, leading
change and supporting many of their peers and younger children as well through their work in schools
and through performance and art, and it is lovely for them to be able to make a connection with the audience
of Arts in Celebration as well as the members of the Ipswich Arts Association, which I hope will continue.

It is vital that we all invest in and support our young people and recognise the particular challenges they are facing at this
time. We must enable them to shape their future and your donations will assist in the important work of these groups


To make a donation click the graphic link which takes you to the Mayors official donation page.


 Frederico from Volunteering Matters – Jan Parry

I have met Frederico several times including at the play, ‘Astra & Patrick’ he and his colleagues produced and
performed in during February. I am attaching the short speech (here as a pdf) which I prepared about the young
people involved in the play and my impressions of the work I had seen them undertaking during my time as Mayor.

In the more recent period which has been very challenging for him Frederico has remained
committed to Youth Social Action. He has helped to create an online Youth Social Action show
aimed at younger children and he is an active member of a community podcast team which
discusses issues surrounding Black Lives Matter, migration and the impact of Covid 19.

 Frederico is a very talented artist and he is holding one of his works here. I have seen some of his other work
and it is all very beautiful and enigmatic, I believe in pencil or charcoal, and has a strong photographic effect.
The Portuguese title of this piece is Menino com a lágrima, this means The Boy with the Tear.

Frederico: This is one of my earliest pieces, Menino com a lágrima. It reminds me of my own struggles
leaving people behind and feeling lost as a child. Encountering so many difficulties, but art helped
me to find my voice through challenging times. People haven’t always supported my art, and this is to
show my early struggle and the discrimination I encountered. It was 42 hours well spent on art that
I hope will inspire others to be creative and find their voices.

Frederico with his piece, Menino com a lágrima.